300+ Unique and Popular Pakistani Boy Names to Consider for Your Little Prince

If you belong to Pakistan and are parents of a new baby. I have a big collection of Pakistani boy names. which can help me to choose unique, modern, religious, trendy, popular, cute, short and sweet, and perfect Pakistani boy names.

In Pakistan, most names given to a baby name after the time of the child`s birth are inspired by prominent religious figures. Many names are related to religious texts Like Quran and Islamic names.

 Unique and Popular Pakistani Boy Names

In this list, we provide endless possibilities in the Pakistani baby boy’s name. these names form short to long and modern, traditional Pakistani names. this name is too much attractive to your baby’s personality.

Modern Pakistani Boy Names

As Muslims, you want a modern Pakistan baby boy name. these name Islamic modern boy names. Muslim parents can choose this name.

Ruhaan Spiritual
Sahil Guide
Farhaan Joyful
Mehraan A king and Affectionate
Owais A companion of the prophet (S.A.W)
Zaid Increase
Kabeer Great
Nafees Pure
Faisal Handsome
Aakif Attached
Talat Appearance
Mahboob Dear
Rafeeq Kind
Babar Lion
Zakariya Name Of a Prophet
Nadeem Friend
Nadir Rare
Saqib Star
Fahad Wild Cat
Shazil King
Malik Master
Abdul Servant
Talib Divine
Usman Slave of god
Tamim Well-Formed
Adam The first man created by Allah
Ubaidullah Lowly Servant of the Allah
Taha Mystic Letter At The Beginning
Rumaan Pomegranate
Azlaan Lion
Zarar A great Muslim warrior
Baqar Powerful
Abbas One who Frowns a lot
Afzaal Better
Zeeshan Peaceful

Muslim baby boy names with meaning

Muslim Baby Boys Name Meaning
Abid Worshiper
Saad A companion of the prophet(S.A.W)
Zafar Victorious
Shadan Happy
Ahil Prince
Zain Friend
Rabah Gainer
Aamir Civilized
Raees Rich
Zakir Faith
Rahat Rest
Nabeel Noblemen
Sadim Mist
Aarij Intelligent
Shayan Courteous
Naim Blessing
Samar Outcome
Bilal Name of the prophet’s muezzin
Faheem Intelligent
Taimoor A famous king
Rashid Major
Asif An able minister
Taif  Specter
Abraam A strong grip
Rafe The Exalter
Huzaifa Good name
Affan Forgiving Person
Najeeb Highland
Sufyaab One who walks as fast as the wind
Tahir Pure
Aazaad free
Sabir Patient
Arif Aware
Faiz Successful

Unique Pakistan boy names with meaning

Choosing unique Pakistani baby boy names is not a hard job for parents. In this list, the top Muslim and Pakistani boy names the list because thousands of names are on the list.

Unique Muslim Boys Name Unique Muslim Boy Name With Meaning
Abraar Kind
Zaki Pure
Mohammad A special loved one
Absaar Vision
Faizan Ruler
Atif Kind
Ahsan Better
Baseer Bringer of glad tidings
Abdul Baari Servant of creator
Zafir Victorious
Miraan Prince
Ali Champion
Ahmed Noble
Sarim Brave
Arsalaan Lion
Hammad Admirable
Hanzala Pond
Hafiz Keeper
Shyaan Deserving
Rehan Scented
Salim Free
Ibrahim Earth
Aftab The Sun
Kadir Green
Haroon Hope
Khalil Friend
Mahmood Praised
Saqlain Hoof
Kafil Sponsor
Firoz Winner

Top 100 Pakistani boy names 2023

Modern Pakistan Boys’ Name Modern Pakistan Boy Name With Meaning
Nasir Success
Mazhar Appearance
Asim Protector
Junaid    Spiritual
Faraz Above
Sadique True man
Humayun Second Mughal Emperor
Aalim Religious scholar
Iqbaal Prosperity
Hasan Famous
Mustafa The Chosen One
Rafeeq Pure Friend
Imran Happy
Imaad Support
Hasnain Handsome Boys
Sagir Yielding
Farhat Happiness
Kareem Generous
Adnaan Settler
Jamaal Being Fair
Gulzaar Rose Garden
Rohan As Pure
Azhar Luminous
Haroon A prophet’s name
Ghazi Hero
Muneer Shining
Muzaffar Victorious
Shoib Name Of Prophet
Sufiyaan Light
Hatim Inevitable

Pakistani Muslim baby boy names with meaning

Pakistani Boys Name Pakistani Boy Name With Meaning
Arham Mercy
Fareed Wide
Nawab Powerful Influencer
Ayaaz Night Breeze
Haider Lion
Safwaan Pure
Hasan Beautiful
Hamid Meaning
Nazir Observer
Jameel Beautifull
Afan Modest
Suhail Ease
Habeeb  Dearly Loved
Dayyan Judge
Maaz Refuge
Wahid Unique
Atif Sympathetic
Haris Watchman
Nabeel Noble
Saad Goodluck
Haadi Leader
Irfan Wisdom
Gani Rich
Haseeb To Calculate the elderly
Nadir Rare
Sajid Good
Khalid Eternal
Majid Who respect elder
Qasim Divider
Sarfaraz Blessed

Pakistan Baby Names for Boy List

All Pakistan baby boy names are listed and viewed alphabetically with their meaning. The feature can be filtered in this list of specified names according to your interest. All family members can check this list and choice a unique and perfect Pakistani boy names.

Name Meaning Gender
Atfat Affection, compassion. Boy
Atheel One who is high in status or nobility. Boy
Attaf Protector of the weak and oppressed. Boy
Auraq Dust colored, or sand colored Boy
Awadil Justice and fairness, one who is fair and just. Boy
Awamil Active, effective, or one who has a role. Boy
Awamiri Long-lived Boy
Awan Moment, or time Boy
Awani Helper, or supporter Boy
Awj Height, pinnacle, top Boy
Awlya Good friend and companion. Boy
Awmar Long-lived, one who has a long life Boy
Awrad Rose colored, or rosy, one with healthy and youthful looking skin. Boy
Ayamin One who is blessed, the blessed one. Boy
Aysar One who is better off, or living better. Boy
Ayyubi One who is like prophet Ayyub, patient, humble and virtuous. Boy
Azban Fresh and sweet. A variant of Azeeb. Boy
Azeeb Fresh and sweet Boy
Baashir One known for his bravery and loyalty. Boy
Badawi Bringer of good news or good tidings Boy
Bairbel Precious gem stones. Boy
Bambad Early morning. Boy
Berezat Exalted Boy
Birousk Light or radiance. Boy
Bizhan Name of a character in Shahnameh. Boy
Buraid A noble man. Boy
Chamali The one who serves water. Boy
Changaz An extremely brave man. Boy
Charlesh Chief of the tribe. Boy
Chashida An experienced man. Boy
Chawish Leader of the tribe. Boy
Cheragh Lamp Boy
Darain Double Boy
Dastageer Helper or supporter Boy
Dayyaan A mighty ruler, judge , protector, Boy
Durab A big door. Boy
Ejlaal To honor, To exalt Boy
Elaf Safety, or security Boy
Esfandyar Name of a character in Shahnameh. Boy
Etizaaz To become mighty, to become honored. Boy
Fidvi One who is ready to sacrifice himself. Boy
Ghazanfer A brave man. Boy
Gulfaam One who is rose faced. Boy
Guney South Boy
Harnail One who comes from Harnai, a coty of Pakistan Boy
Hazeem A wise and intelligent man. Boy
Kachela A Surname for Samma Tribe people found along banks of Indus River in Pakistan Boy
Khaan Khaan means Ruler, He who is The King Boy
Mizhir A place that is filled with flowers. Boy
Mourib One who is fluent and eloquent. Boy
Muhallil One who pronounces the Testimony of Faith. Boy
Muhazzim A person who defeats others. Boy
Muzdahir One who is blooming, thriving and prospering. Boy
Muzhir A plant whose flowers are opening or have opened Boy
Rusul Messengers, Message-bearers. Boy
Ruwaihim One who is kind, compassionate and forgiving. Boy
Samama A person who is a campanion of the Prophet Boy
Sharnaz A name that means ‘a pride of the King’ Unisex
Tadeen The one who informs. Boy
Tafazal Old age, an aged man. Boy
Tahmaseb Name of character in Shahnameh Boy
Tahoor The one who purifies. Boy
Taial Nature Boy
Tarfaan The one who translates. Boy
Tawkeel To trust in God. Boy
Tirdad Name of a character in Shahnameh Boy
Tishk Sunlight. Boy
Urrab The one who is eloquent and fluent. Boy
Vahar The season spring. Boy
Xobeen Spear Boy
Yadid A beloved friend. Boy
Yafir The one who leaves a mark. Boy
Yamar Life, alive. Boy
Yashem A green leaf. Boy
Yazan A determined man; Determined, Resolved Boy
Yazeed He who makes progress. Boy
Yeraz Dream Boy
Yergha The one who strikes. Boy
Yesoob A guiding person. Boy
Yureed Want, desire. Boy
Zabir One who vast knowledge of religion; The Person Who Have Religious Boy
Zahaar Florist, or flower seller. Boy
Zahri Flower-like, or fresh and good looking like a flower Boy
Zahrun Blossom, or flower Boy
Zahur Radiant and brilliant. Boy
Zarar A strict, but wise person; Fast Boy
Zauqi Enthusiastic, or full of life. Boy
Zaweel Motion or activity Boy
Zayyir Brilliant Boy
Zerdad The one who donates. Boy
Zewad A respected man. Boy
Zimran A person who prunes, trains, and cultivates vines. Boy
Zuwayhir Radiant, and luminous Boy

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