Why My Newborn baby’s Eyebrows So Thin?

Babies are born beautiful and they look beautiful in all aspects. Every baby has a distinct facial appearance that he inherits from his parents. However, one of the most prominent features on a baby’s face is his eyebrows which immediately catch everybody’s attention. While some babies have dark and thick eyebrows, some may have barely visible thin ones. At this point, parents might have several questions in mind: How long does it take for a baby’s eyebrows to come in?

Newborn baby's Eyebrows

The pace of eyebrows growth during infancy is usually controlled by genetics and varies from baby to baby. Since every baby is unique in terms of his development and growth and reaches a certain milestone at their own pace. Consequently, the baby’s eyebrow color and hair growth will be different. Let’s look at some of the key aspects that play an important role in the growth of a baby’s eyebrows. 

When Do Babies Grow Eyebrows?

Newborns develop their eyebrows around two to three months, as their hair becomes dark and thicker till the time they reach the age of one year. During this period, babies go through different hair growth stages, while the hair follicle growth speed depends on their individual genetic development.

Unlike normal babies, premature babies need more time to reach the desired nourishment level for essential hair growth. However, parents shall not be worried about it as babies usually develop their eyebrows with time. 

Some babies have very thin and light-textured eyebrows that are not even visible to the naked eye. If that is the case, there is no need to panic as this is extremely common and is a sign of having a lighter hair color baby eyebrows.

As your newborn continues to develop his eyebrows become more expressive, thicker, and visible at around two to three months of age. This is due to the better regulation of melanin production which leads to the development of more pigmented and thick hair growth. 

Visibility of Baby’s Eyebrows Depends upon Its Color

It might take some time for newborns to gain properly visible eyebrows growth, especially, if their hair color is on the lighter side. It is because the color of their eyebrows tends to change over time due to genetic control and melanin production.

Newborns that are born with blonde hair may have thin light colored eyebrows that almost look non-existent. However, as they develop their eyebrows also grow thicker and become more pronounced. Baby’s eyebrows’ hair color might change a few times in the first few months of his birth before turning to its final color. 

Several factors can affect the visibility of your baby’s eyebrows like color, length, the thickness of the hair follicle, ethnicity, prematurity, parent’s hair color, and more. In some babies, it might take longer for the hair stands to become visible but it is completely normal as this characteristic exists in their genes.

As time passes, their features will change and the baby’s eyebrows become more distinct as it is part of the overall development process of your child. Remember, an estimated timeframe by which a baby’s eyebrows reach their ultimate shade and thickness is two years.

How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows in Babies

For parents, who are worried about the thickness and visibility of their child’s eyebrows, several remedies may help to promote the growth of the eyebrows in babies. Some of the most beneficial methods are enlisted as under:

  1. Apply Aloe Vera Pulp on the Baby’s Eyebrows

We have often heard about the innumerable benefits of using Aloe Vera. Research shows that pure Aloe Vera helps to stimulate hair growth and to restore skin. It is the most common remedy that parents may use to enhance the growth of their child’s eyebrows.

Applying the pulp of the Aloe Vera plant on your baby’s eyebrows for half an hour can help to promote existing hair and encourages new growth. However, do not utilize commercial products containing Aloe Vera as its chemical ingredients might damage your baby’s sensitive skin.

Rather, use the originally extracted pulp of the Aloe Vera plant that is free from pesticides and chemical ingredients. Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years due to its medicinal properties and its pulp is beneficial to nourish baby’s eyebrows by enhancing their growth. 

  1. Gentle Massage of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers several health benefits due to its rich composition of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains antimicrobial properties and nutrients that are highly beneficial for a baby’s skin and hair.

Apply a small quantity of coconut oil on your baby’s eyebrows and give a gentle massage for a few minutes around the eyebrow area. Coconut oil is a proven remedy for good eyebrow hair growth, as it deeply moisturizes the hair follicles and soothes the eyebrow scalp. 

Coconut oil is the best remedy as it is safe for every type of skin. Its regular use will help in nourishing your baby’s eyebrows and restores them naturally.

Being rich in essential fatty acids and proteins, coconut oil retains the moisture capacity of the skin area around the eyebrows, strengthens the hair follicles, improves hair elasticity, and makes eyebrows look thicker. With so many benefits at hand, coconut oil is essentially the most appropriate choice to use for a baby’s eyebrows growth.  

  1. Keep Baby’s Overall Health Strong 

The most important thing that helps to promote the overall growth and development of the baby is to keep him healthy and well-fed. Good health comes with a sound routine and healthy intake that parents shall adopt for the well-being of their little ones.

If the baby is getting all the essential nutrients regularly, it will promote the natural growth of his eyebrows and with time they will become thicker and darker in color. Parents may serve their newborns foods that are rich in vitamins B and D, as it improves hair growth and will help to grow stronger eyebrows.

Parents shall be aware that the baby’s eyebrows require essential nutrients for its proper growth. It is not just important for your baby’s hair, but also his overall health and optimum development. For best nutrition, nothing can upkeep the overall health of your baby intact, other than breast milk.

Breast milk contains all of the essential nutrients and antibodies that are important for your child’s growth and development. If your child’s overall health is good his eyebrows will naturally be thicker and dense.

Concluding Remarks

It is common for parents to be concerned about their newborn facial appearance and look. Baby eyebrows are the most prominent feature on his face. The color, shape, and thickness of the eyebrow vary from baby to baby, as it is a part of their genetic development and growth.

Parents shall not worry about the thin appearance of their baby’s eyebrows as there are several ways to make them darker and thicker. 

Newborn baby's Eyebrows

In this regard, one of the most beneficial ways is the usage of natural plant extracts and oils as part of a baby’s daily regimen. It is recommended to use oils richly enhanced with vitamin E, as when applied on your child’s eyebrow area it helps to promote hair growth and makes hair follicles thick.

Also, keep your little one away from plucking or touching his brows due to the sensitivity of the hair. Newborn hair follicles are light and might break easily with constant rubbing or touch.

Parents are discouraged to use artificial products that promote eyebrows growth in babies, as they might be harmful to your newborn due to the presence of chemical ingredients which may damage your little one’s sensitive skin.

Ultimately, retaining a healthy intake of food in babies with a balanced diet rich in nutrients and minerals can help to promote eyebrows hair growth.      

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