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There is no limit to the happiness of parents expecting a newborn. A baby’s arrival into the family is considered truly blissful and miraculous. It is not just the parents who get excited but the whole family clan i.e. grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and close relatives get eager to welcome the newest member of the family. How many baby shower prizes should you have?

The celebrations mark the occasion of the baby shower and are one of the most traditional ways in which the family and loved ones come together to express their joy at your pregnancy. The expectant parents are treated with baby shower prizes which include gifts, love, and good wishes before the birth of their newborn. how much should baby shower prizes cost?

baby shower prizes

It is also a way for friends and family to help the new parents get everything they need for their newborn, as baby stuff might be quite expensive. how much to spend on baby shower prizes?

The tradition of the baby shower was celebrated in the past too. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used to hold rituals to celebrate the arrival of a newborn. During these rituals, they used to offer gifts and good wishes to different gods and goddesses.

However, it was during the Middle Ages when the baby’s arrival served as an opportunity to give gifts to the new parents. Later, during the Renaissance period, mothers were given lavish gifts for the birth of a baby. Baby Shower Prizes became a popular tradition in the Victorian era where tea parties were held that included games and gifts for the new mother.

The parties became very popular over the decades and were known as ‘stork parties’. In the USA, baby showers became widespread as a symbol to support new parents financially, after the hardships caused by World Wars. What’s the difference between baby shower prizes and baby shower games?

Baby Shower Celebration Month

Although, there is no fixed time to celebrate your baby shower in a specific month majority of people celebrate it four to six weeks before the baby is born. Women prefer to have their baby shower in the later months of pregnancy because the risk of miscarriage decreases with the passing months. Moreover, the gender of the child is usually known at that period so it makes it easy for the guests to choose gifts and decorations accordingly.  

Baby Shower Party Theme 

The event of a baby shower is usually celebrated with full zeal and passion by the expectant mother and family members. However, the arrangement for the party that includes theme type and color (chosen as per baby’s gender), venue décor, baby shower gifts, and eateries is usually planned by friends and family that come together to make this event special and memorable for new parents.

The expectant mother and the baby are showered with precious gifts and affection by their loved ones. In earlier times, baby shower party was an all-female affair, as pregnancy and baby birth were taboo topics that were not meant to be discussed openly.

However, in recent decades the awareness about pregnancy, mother and child health issues, and baby’s birth are considered highly important and acceptable social issues to be discussed.

Moreover, co-ed baby showers have also gained popularity, and fathers are encouraged to be equally involved in the event. The best approach is to ask the new parents how they wish to put together their baby shower like an all-female event or co-ed event.   

Baby Shower Invitation List 

The guest list and invitations of the baby shower party may vary in each celebration. It usually depends upon the expectant parents, close family members, and friends who they wish to invite.

Similarly, the baby shower prizes are also arranged according to the number of invites who are going to attend the event. A well-organized event requires planners to plan everything with the consent of new parents before sending out any invitations.  

Baby Shower Venue Essentials 

Your baby shower event can either be a grand affair held at a nearby hotel, park, or community center or a small get-together party held at home. It depends upon the planners who are planning the event, as it can be full of surprises for new parents. Besides, the selection of the right venue or place also depends upon the number of people who are invited.

The majority of people prefer to have a private celebration with close friends and family members. In that case, the house of the planner or the expectant parents is considered the best option to host the event.

baby shower prizes

Baby shower parties

That is held at home can have several benefits compared to the ones that are held at hotels. A house is the most comfortable place to celebrate and enjoy the event where you can make all the necessary decorations and arrangements keeping new parents’ preferences in mind.

Besides, you can enjoy the celebrations with friends and family till late hours without any restrictions. However, the events organized at hotels or other community places have fixed timings and venue restrictions. A restaurant or club can be more appropriate for a calm and classy baby shower.

If the baby shower has fun activities like games then the park is the suitable option due to the open space for adjusting the higher number of people.    

Baby Shower Event Attractions 

There are several important things to consider while planning a baby shower party. Your baby shower event may be playful and fun, or relaxed or elegant. It all depends on the expectant mother’s mood and choices. However, some basic elements are the fundamental attractions of the baby shower event. A well-organized baby shower festivity includes the following:

  • GAMES 

The most interesting aspect that makes a baby shower event fun and enjoyable for everyone is participation in games. You can have a list of fun games from guessing about the expectant mother’s favorites to the newborn’s facial appearance and looks.

There are plenty of games to keep your guests entertained. Games add color and fun to the party. From children to adults, everyone likes to play games and get rewards out of them.  

  • FOOD

A celebration without food is incomplete. You can either have a lunch buffet or the hi-tea for your baby shower party. The most favorable time to throw a party is in the afternoon. However, some mothers have now set the tradition of sunset to get together.

Besides food, cake, desserts, and sweets is a compulsory addition for friends and family members to enjoy. In some baby showers, people may also bring food items of their own choice.


Nothing can be a better gesture other than to express gratitude to the participants of your baby shower party. It is usually done through favors in the form of goodie bags and gift items. A small bag containing candies, biscuits, or other little items can be a lovely way to thank each guest for their arrival and participation. Readymade goodie bags can either be purchased from the market or you can make your goodie bags at home. 


A baby shower gift registry is a special count to mention. It is the place to keep all the tokens of love and gifts that guests bring for the expectant mother and newborn baby. The majority of people buy baby clothes, toys, diapers, and other items as popular gift choices.

While, some may give gift hampers to pamper the expectant mother like face masks, scented candles, or makeup items. Gifts are the perfect way to shower your love and blessings on the mother and baby.   


The event planner can have a variety of choices to choose from different websites for theme decoration, or you may also invite professionals for the décor arrangements. If you have a short time left before the arrival of your newborn you may ask an event organizer to make the necessary arrangements.

However, you can have timely preparations at home also using simple supplies and DIY crafts. For planners who are arranging the event first time, they may explore different websites for better ideas.  


A well-organized baby shower event includes a lot of rules for guests to follow. Be it a formal dress code for the participants or the choice of gift wraps as per the theme color, your baby shower party etiquette includes everything that you find suitable to add fun and color to the party.

Proper etiquette also suggests that gifts shall be opened at the end of the shower to enjoy the primary purpose of the party. The disciplined and well-planned baby shower is more likely to be enjoyed by participants.         


A baby shower is a healthy tradition to cherish the arrival of your newborn and to enjoy the day with friends and family members while receiving lots of love, gifts, and good wishes. Earlier, the baby shower celebration used to be held and was meant only for the first baby.

However, nowadays, expectant mothers enjoy celebrating the event for each child separately. Although the Baby Shower Prizes for your second and third child might not be grand as the ones that people usually buy for the first child, the new parents can still enjoy a fun day spending a cheerful time surrounded by loved ones.   

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